Site Prep


Landscape Restoration

At ASE Illini-Scapes we enjoy the challenge of bringing a site back from the brink of becoming an over-grown nuisance to the site that you dream of, transforming the troublesome areas of your property into something more usable.


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Erosion Control

We are capable of providing erosion and sediment control measures to prevent the loss of soil during site development or in non-developable areas along stream banks or on a hillside.




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We would love to create a one of a kind residential site for you, or help bring that large scale commercial or government job in on time and under budget. We pride ourselves on our ability to do it right the very first time. Whether it is one tree or four hundred trees we can get the job done.



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Natural Area Restoration

Wetland restoration is essential to the protection of existing natural areas. Wetlands that have been filled and drained retain many of their natural characteristics, allowing them to be restored. Restoration is a complex process that requires planning, implementation, and management. This involves renewing natural and historical wetlands that have been degraded and reclaiming their value as vital ecosystems.

In order to restore native wetlands the control of exotic and invasive species is necessary. Employees of ASE Illini-Scapes Inc. are skilled at invasive plant control, treatment, and removal. Our staff includes licensed herbicide applicators and a variety of equipment necessary to work on projects, large or small. We can help you create the right management plan for your property.

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